the only exception // paramore

and up until now i had sworn to myself
that i’m content with loneliness
because none of it was ever worth the risk

This song has always held a special spot in my heart.

Anonymous: Hey -- Saw your post about runner problems and your bum ankle. While I seriously doubt "lard assed" is gonna be a problem, can you put any pressure on it at all right now? I ask because I discovered after running for a time and suddenly manifesting a bum knee that biking was the way to go. Once I made the switch I never wanted to go back! I love feeling that air in my face as I do miles and miles a day. I get the feeling, if you're able, you would to:) Hope you're better soon.

Thank you, I’m hoping that I don’t run (haha) into any issues with becoming “lard assed”… But you never know!
I can put some pressure on it- walking hasn’t proven to be too much of a hassle- however I can’t walk around for an entire day without wearing an ankle brace because it causes too much discomfort. I used to bike everywhere when I was a kid, but my love for running quickly assumed preference above all other methods of exercise when I started playing soccer. I’ll definitely have to give biking another shot :) Thanks for the concern and I hope your knee improves soon!!